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The Pros and Cons of Non Emergency Medical Transport

The Pros and Cons of Non Emergency Medical Transport

Millions of families and patients, on a daily basis, are forced on arranging for a non-emergency long-distance medical transport for their family members and loved ones. The main question most of these families face is whether to use the ground or air ambulance to move their loved ones from one place to another. When you factor those to use these services how costly and long the distance will achieve at the end of the day, the cost is always a complicated matter. Here are some of the answers to some questions about the non-emergency transport systems as well as looking for what can suit your needs and preferences in your present situation.

What is long-distance non-emergency medical transport?

For most people, they understand and know what non-emergency long-distance transport is. However, they do not have an idea how to go about this solution or getting it. There are two types and kinds of medical transport systems for the non-emergency situations like yours. You can choose to use the air or ground to move your loved one to the medical facility. For this reason, either of what you choose will ensure that our patient will be relocated to the medical facility while comfortable. This means that you don’t need to stop in between the trip as you can lay down.

Choosing between air and ground ambulance

For non-emergency air transport, a long debate has been in progress as to what can be better than the other. However, it all boils down to the preference and situation of the patient. For this reason, you need to make this independent choice as the person in charge of arranging for medical transportation. Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the air ambulance as a choice for transporting your patient or loved one.

Advantages of using the air ambulance

When you use air ambulance to transport your patient or loved one, you expect it to be the fastest way. They can reach the destination quicker than they can ever imagine. Sometimes you need the patient to reach the medical facility even if it is not an emergency. Even when you are dealing with a non-emergency situation, you can use air ambulance to save more lives. However, the choice still boils down to the one organizing for this occasion.

The disadvantages of air ambulance

When in an aircraft, there is always one expectation or fear that the aircraft might crash. In this case, the crash will result in the death of the patient as well as some of the medical staff attending to the non-emergency case-patient in the ambulance. For the ground ambulances, their advantages and disadvantages resemble the use of an aircraft to transport the patient. As we said earlier, the choice depends on the person arranging the transportation.

When it is necessary for people to use these services

For one to decide to use these services to transport their loved ones, there are many reasons behind some of these situations. However, let us look at some of the most common reasons in the list outlined below.

In rare cases, patients are transferred from one hospital or care facility to get upgraded medical attention. In this case, they will be required to use air or ground ambulance to cater for their non-emergency medical transportation to arrive at their special destination.

Most people find themselves using these services especially when they are hurt and still want to be on the move. Medical professionals will recommend this solution as non-emergency cases. This also means that these patients will also need to get back to their homes after the facility achieves the medical solution.

This is one of the most common forms of the long-distance transportation system for the people who get injuries or succumb to medication problems while they are on vocation. For this reason, they opt to use the air or ground non-emergency case transportation system to the hospital from their various homes.

Sometimes, we have also seen this situation used for those who have non-emergency cases with pregnancy complications. During these situations, arriving at the hospital early enough may mean the difference between saving the pregnant mother or not. If the trip is more than 200 miles, this is considered to be long distance.

What is the cost or ground versus air?

The cost of transporting a patient from one facility to another is where many people get their minds on the wheel. Let us have a look at the prices of an average air and ground cost as outlined below. It will cost you about $10,000 to $22,000 for an ambulance trip by the air. This is a great amount of money to afford. A ground ambulance transportation system will cost you between $5,000 to $7,000 per trip. This is an average of $6 a mile.

This is simply a list of what you need to consider before you select the best mode of non-emergency ambulance medical transportation for your patient or loved one. Ensure you also weigh the advantages and disadvantages wisely to make an informed decision that will remain undisputed by your family members.

How to Start a Non-Medical Transportation Company

How to Start a Non-Medical Transportation Company

You require at least one car for you to start a non-emergency medical transportation company in the locality successfully. As it is with everything you do in business, you always need plenty of paperwork and planning to carry out your course of action as an investor successfully. For you to get into this industry in business, you must be in good health. This means that you are a healthy driver wheeling your car. However, it will be a challenge for those who are ill, who have no vehicle, disabler, or elderly. Companies dealing with the non-emergency medical transportation services for the first time must work towards acquiring the necessary paperwork and planning processes to be successful. This is a straightforward requirement in the United States or any other part of the world.

The Planning Process

While it all depends on the community you will be serving, your ambitions, and financing options, you may start as a single-owner operator or medical transportation agency with a fleet of vehicles and ambulances. For whatever approach you will need to take in this business, you always need to plan your business with a business plan. A business plan helps you lay out a foundation for success in the business you are about to partake.

For a proper start in the business, ensure you take your time to research about your competitor. This also helps you to plan to remain relevant in the business as a solid competitor. In the end, you might consider assessing the local market size, the market niche you intend to exploit, and the population growth of the region. If your competitor is using the small buses, you can also work towards developing accessible minivans with a proper outfit at a lower cost to attract clients. Business requires that you have the capability of calculating your operational costs accurately. This also includes your labor and mileage costs. For this reason, you will understand how much you need to be charged for your vehicle. You can also identify and incline yourself with possible sources of income such as individual clients and private insurers to decide on how to exploit these opportunities.

Be Compliant

One of the most important parts of operating in this business is to comply with the regulatory environment as one of the most important steps towards starting your business. You must also understand any laws that govern your operation at the municipal or state level. In this case, you also need special licenses and insurance coordination that are required for your vehicle in the locality. You also need to understand the general regulations pertaining hiring, screening, and training your prospective employees.

Your vehicles must also be in the standard operational order to be driven for this purpose. They should also be safe for transporting clients in wheelchairs as well as those with mobile enhancement devices. In the end, you must have a business structure settled in your company. You should choose between a corporation, a limited liability company, and a sole proprietorship type of business. You can, therefore, apply for the EIN from the Internal Revenue Service.

Convert Or Choose Vehicles

In this business, the biggest challenge is to find the vehicle that can transport your clients with motor scooters or the wheelchairs. Many vehicle production companies produce converted vehicles and vans to choose between new and used. If you have a vehicle that can perform these functions, the only remaining part is to convert it to perform some of these functions. You can provide access to the vehicle through the side-load or rear-load system. This depends on your independent preferences and the vehicle structure you own.

You will not invest more than $13,000 for the rear-ramp systems because they are not costly. If you choose the side-ramp, you will have to cough a few thousands more than that. If you are looking for converted vehicles, they cost more than the total cost. In this case, you need to choose the accessible buses that can carry more passengers at a go. This means that you will make more money on a single trip. While you might have more money to commence the business when you begin, it might make sense to finance or lease your conversations or vehicles rather than investing all your money in the business for purchases.

Hiring Drivers

While you can commence your operation as an operator or owner of the business, you need to plan on taking in new staff members when the opportunity and need arises. This plan must be laid early enough. To maximize the potential of your car, you need an extra driver while you get more time to promote and manage your company or business. You will also need to get more drivers in the business as you keep on growing. Each of the drivers you hire must pass the criminal background check and have a clean driving record. The people you hire must be presentable and personable to offer the best representation of your company.

Marketing Yourself

When you work with your clients, remember to understand the purchase decisions to sign these checks to market your company well. Institutions such as nursing homes, hospitals, and the adult day-care facilities are some of the places you will spend your time marketing your business. You can also approach gerontologists, physiotherapist, and other medically-oriented professionals. You can also create online websites and social media pages to market yourself well. In the end, ensure you have a phone-call answering service to avoid missing calls.

Is Transportation To My Doctor Included In My Medicare Plan?

Is Transportation To My Doctor Included In My Medicare Plan?

When you talk about Medicare, you must remember that it does not cover medical transportation to achieve a healthy you through routine healthcare solutions. However, there are other instances where it is used to cover non- emergency medical or ambulance transportation to another medical facility. Sometimes it can also be used to take you to and from the medical facility you intend to go if it concerns your health condition or other diagnosis options or any other transportation that can cause harm to your health. In this case, you strongly need a medical order, written by hand, to verify that you need ambulance transportation as a necessity based on an evaluation of your medical condition at the time of diagnosis.

If you opt to choose a non-emergency case ambulance company based in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or South Carolina, you need to get the prior rules and regulation checks by the states before you can embark on some of these medical transportation solutions. These rules also apply for the non-emergency cases that are scheduled in the state for this order. You need to prove to them that your medical condition is required for use for the ambulatory service. You need to show them that your condition has required the service three or more times within the past 10 days. If that is not satisfactory enough, prove to them that your condition has required these services at least once for the past three weeks. For you to find out if some of these rules are affecting you, you can contact Medicare at 1-877-486-2048 or 1-800-633-4227 in seven days a week.

It is important to know that not all will qualify for the non-emergency medical or ambulatory services. For those Medicare beneficiaries who will not qualify for these non-emergency medical or ambulatory transportation services offered by Medicare, you can find transportation services available for you in the locality. You can also seek local companies that offer these services. For example, you can seek services from the local Aging Area Agency that can assist you to find these services to and from the healthcare facility you are about to go. To locate the local Aging Area Agency or the state, you can look for the SUA/AAA Finder on Google to visit their website.

If you are eligible and qualify for the Program or Medicaid of All-Inclusive Care meant for the elderly in society (PACE), you can also find some information on the internet for your use.

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